The development at Winchburgh is one of the largest and most exciting placemaking projects currently underway in the UK, located 12 miles west of Edinburgh.

The masterplan

When complete, the development will deliver at least 3,800 new homes, improved transport links, employment opportunities, state-of-the-art schools and stunning new outdoor spaces to this historic village.

The Winchburgh Developments Limited has been involved in this project for more than ten years and completed the first phase of the project in 2018 which delivered 588 new homes, the first phase of the new town centre, and expanded local schools.

The second phase of the masterplan commenced in spring 2019, which will bring further major infrastructure investments including a new M9 motorway junction, 40 acres of business and retail space, new education facilities and local amenities including recreational green spaces, a marina, as well as a further 1,000 homes.

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“In my role as a local Councillor Winchburgh Developments have been immensely supportive and I am assured that if I need assistance with an enquiry that I will most certainly obtain that support from John Hamilton and his colleagues.  The benefits of the Development are now really starting to emerge and in particular the Social Housing that these developments bring is of great importance to people who are seeking affordable housing. Furthermore, I know that local residents are so looking forward to the start of the next Phase which brings local schools, leisure facilities, M9 motorway junction, a Marina and Auldcathie Park which will bring fantastic benefits to Winchburgh.

From the inception of the Development it is quite clear that Winchburgh Developments have taken great care to get to know the residents and the Community and have handled this approach with a degree of sensitivity which is very much appreciated.”

Cllr Diane Calder, Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh Ward

What to expect

Winchburgh enjoys an enviable location, and the masterplan will deliver important new transport links including a direct connection to the M9 via a new motorway junction, a new rail station and new tourist facilities on the Union Canal.

This will further enhance Winchburgh as a destination providing improved links to Edinburgh, Glasgow and beyond as well as, more locally, to Livingston and Broxburn.

Winchburgh itself will also benefit from several large new outdoor spaces for local residents and the wider region to enjoy, from a 85-acre district park designed in consultation with the local community, to a new canal marina linked to the Union Canal which passes through the town.

Masterplan and planning applications

The ongoing expansion of Winchburgh will be progressed through submission of development applications to West Lothian Council and others for delivery of new housing, commercial, leisure and education uses, open space and infrastructure. This page provides details of recent permissions and current applications sitting with the Council and others for decisions to be made.

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Delivery of a project on this scale involves a co-ordinated approach. In late 2018, a joint venture was agreed between West Coast Capital and CALA Homes working in partnership with the Scottish Government and West Lothian Council to secure the future of the development.

Winchburgh Developments Limited will continue to oversee the delivery of the masterplan, working closely with West Lothian Council and the Scottish Government.

Together, they will breathe new life into Winchburgh, delivering a place that all its residents, old and new, will be proud to call home, and that will provide the community with the education facilities and employment opportunities that it needs to thrive.

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The first reference to the settlement at “Wincelburgh” appeared in 1169 when the land is confirmed to Philip de Setune (Seton) by William the Lion, King of Scots.

The two parts of the word, ‘wincel’ and ‘burh’ may mean ‘town in the nook or angle’, so it is possible that Winchburgh was named after the bend in the Niddry Burn that runs through the village.

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