Local Amenities

Winchburgh Developments Limited is building upon an existing community that already offers great amenities for residents.

Current amenities

Winchburgh has a number of community venues including a Community Centre, Bowling Club and two churches with community spaces for hire.

It also has two primary schools – Winchburgh Primary School and Holy Family Primary School – and a nursery all based on one campus which have community spaces. The main street hosts the Tally Ho pub, two small supermarkets, a pharmacy, food takeaways and an award-winning butcher. Residents can also take the scenic 13-mile route to Edinburgh using the cycle path which runs adjacent to the Union Canal. There is also a Golf Club, good parks and a petrol station.

Moving forward, the Winchburgh masterplan will deliver a wide range of new social, commercial and environmental facilities including new schools, a new town centre, improved transport links and green spaces, making it the perfect place to learn, work and relax.



The expansion of Winchburgh Primary and Holy Family Primary and creation and delivery of new state-of-the-art primary and secondary schools as part of the wider masterplan for Winchburgh is absolutely key to the development.

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Improved transport links are important to the success of the Winchburgh masterplan, ensuring that the local community is better connected to West Lothian, Edinburgh and beyond. This will include a new motorway junction on the M9 to improve road links.

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Retail, hospitality and business

The new Winchburgh town centre will provide excellent retail facilities and sit adjacent to housing, the marina and Daisy Park bringing a unique retail, business and hospitality environment for local residents and the region.

The first phase of the new retail is close to completion with a new Sainsburys, Pharmacy and two takeaway outlets. Opening in 2021 is Tiptoes Nursery and a dentist.

Outdoor spaces

Embracing Winchburgh’ s rural location and its beautiful natural surroundings, the masterplan includes a variety of outdoor space for local residents to enjoy.

Reclaimed from a former landfill site, Auldcathie District Park will cover 85 acres in total and provide green space to the west of the expanded settlement. Winchburgh residents, school pupils and local community groups have been deeply involved in the design and layout of the park. Auldcathie District Park facilities will include cycle tracks, fitness trails, play facilities, community growing areas, informal sports pitches and biodiversity areas. Remediation work on the land has begun, with phase one of Auldcathie District Park scheduled to open in early summer 2021.

The masterplan also includes the delivery of three further parks. Daisy Park, located in the heart of the town, features the old Clay Pit quarry bringing the potential for water sports as well as direct links to the town centre and marina development. The masterplan embodies an emphasis on ‘blue and green links’, ensuring that the residents can walk, cycle or run safely on wide footpaths and green walkways throughout the whole town.

Community spaces

Within Auldcathie District Park and Daisy Park there will be community cafés and other facilities which will evolve as the masterplan is delivered and in response to growing needs.

Winchburgh Developments Limited will work closely with the community on these two sites. As part of the town centre development, there will be a Partnership Centre which will include GP medical facilities. West Lothian Council is developing this facility in conjunction with the NHS.

Auldcathie District Park

The new Auldcathie District Park stretches over 85 acres to the west of Winchburgh. It links directly to the Union Canal to the north and the Old Drovers Path to the south past the new schools under construction as part of the strategic growth of the village.

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Winchburgh Marina

The new Winchburgh Marina provides a unique aspect to Winchburgh and sits adjacent to the new Town Centre. The new Daisy Park will also be developed immediately east of the Union Canal and can be accessed via a new footbridge.

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