M9 Motorway junction north side opens to the public

Cementing Winchburgh's transport connections

Winchburgh’s new M9 motorway junction, ‘Junction 1B’, has opened for northbound local access, with southbound routes into Winchburgh to follow in the next couple of months.

In a phased opening, motorised vehicles will now be able to access the northbound routes entering and exiting the M9, with southbound routes in and out of Winchburgh to follow in the spring. This marks the first link in a chain of roads connecting routes through Winchburgh and on to the major roads network on its doorstep.

Located adjacent to the historic Duntarvie Castle, the new M9 junction has four slip roads connecting to the existing motorway embankment and providing access to the M9 from north and south. It offers commuters, local businesses and visitors easy, quick access to the Queensferry crossing to the east and Glasgow, Stirling and Falkirk to the west.

It also includes non-motorised user (NMU) provisions linking into existing walking and cycle routes that connect the surrounding villages to the wider green network.


John Hamilton, Chief Executive of Winchburgh Developments Ltd, said: “This first step in the opening up of the M9 motorway junction marks a significant moment in Winchburgh’s masterplan to connect the growing community to the surrounding transport network through core roads and upgraded bus services. Local residents, businesses, and visitors will be able to access routes across the central belt that have previously completely bypassed Winchburgh.”

The construction represents just part of £50million investment in complex engineering infrastructure over a three year period by Winchburgh Developments Limited, that unlocks the next phase of Winchburgh’s masterplan allowing the further development of homes, schools, retail and employment spaces and leisure infrastructure. It has been designed by civil engineers, Sweco, with Principal Contractor, RJ McLeod Contractors Ltd, and Thomson Gray, as NEC4 Project Manager for the project.

Graeme Paget from Transport Scotland said: “We’re pleased to have played our part in this project over the past three years, and welcome the improved connectivity this new junction brings to the residents of Winchburgh.

“It’s also important to highlight the benefits of the improved active travel links to local walking and cycling routes connecting to the surrounding villages.”

As Winchburgh grows in phases from a population of around 2,400 to c. 14,000 in the next decade, completion of this core infrastructure alongside new homes, education, retail, award winning parks, and leisure facilities has been key to the ongoing successful delivery of Winchburgh’s masterplan. The new M9 junction and extensive investment in core and distributor road links have been designed to complement the existing bus service and Winchburgh’s active travel plans and mark a significant next stage in Winchburgh’s evolution.



Please credit photographer Gary Baker for all images and videos.