Over 500 attend Winchburgh Growing Group’s Spooktacular Halloween Hunt

Winchburgh Community Growing Group

To celebrate Halloween this year, the Winchburgh Community Growing Group hosted 525 people at their first Spooktacular Halloween Hunt in Auldcathie District Park set on the recently formed 1.5 acre growing area.

Winchburgh Community Growing Group grew their own pumpkins which were turned into delicious pumpkin curry and chapatis on the night to warm everyone up and volunteers ran food workshops for the kids, with Zac & Co providing caffeine on the night for the parents. Participants were encouraged to save and plant their spare pumpkin seeds and there are lots of pumpkin leftovers recipe ideas on the Winchburgh Growing Group website: www.winchburghcgg.co.uk

The team already have grand plans for next year’s Halloween event to make it even bigger and better.

Over 500 people turned up to the Spooktacular Halloween hunt

Co-founder of Winchburgh Growing Group, John West explains: “It was incredible to see so many people turn up for our Halloween event. It’s brilliant to see our community getting together in this way around a love of food, growing fresh produce and the outdoor activities on offer. As we enter the dreich winter months it can be difficult to find the motivation to get outdoors but coming along to the growing area any Saturday is a really fun way to get outdoors, meet neighbours and give something back to the community.”

For those looking for inspiration to join the team and get into the community growing area over the winter, the Winchburgh Growers have lots of fun activities for all ages and abilities in the run up to Christmas with an event to plant 1000 trees provided by iDig Trees in November and a ‘Grab a Carrot for Rudolph’ in December. The growing area is also situated right beside the play park and has a cabin onsite selling coffee and snacks through Zac & Co, making it a great location for a catch up.

The Grower’s Group is a great example of Auldcathie District Park being put to great use and bringing the local communities together. The growing area is set on 1.5 acres of land. The district park when complete next year will be a total of 85 acres of green space designed by the community for the community of Winchburgh and beyond to enjoy.

For more information, please visit the Winchburgh Growing Group website and facebook pages: www.winchburghcgg.co.uk

Any enquires should be directed to Penny Lochhead, Community, Sports and Greenspace Manager on 07802 500991 / [email protected]