Village’s new orchards will soon be in bloom

Community group plants trees so locals can enjoy fresh fruit.

A pair of community orchards are set to be the apple of the eye for people in Winchburgh.

Winchburgh Community Growing Group have planted 16 heritage trees thanks to money from the Orchard Project.

And green-fingered members of the group hope to be picking juicy fruit from the trees next summer.

John West, co-founder of the group, said: “Back in July 2018 we announced that we pitched for some funding and our proposal was voted the second best amongst all community orchard projects.

“The funds will allow us to buy some fruit trees and with further funding fruit pickers, fruit pressers and an improvised watering solution and is another great step towards our vision to offer free good food for everyone.

“We should be picking fruit from next summer onwards and hopefully if it’s another bumper summer we can press some and make juice or turn the fruit into creative food.

“These varieties will ensure early, mid and late season fruits.”

The orchards can be found at Dunn Place next to Winchburgh nursery and school and next to Tippet Knowes park.