Winchburgh Community Growing Group

One year on and 50 planters of fresh food

A year ago when we were asking the community for ideas for the Auldcathie Park we met John West and Vivian Maeda, two residents who didn’t know each other – but had a passion for growing fresh edibles and wanted the new park to have a growing area for the village to enjoy. After a chat, they realised the park was a while away so they had an idea to start straight away using planters …with the offer of wood, soil, and some seeds from WDL within a month Winchburgh saw planters springing up around the village providing fresh food available to all to pick…A year on the WCGC is fully constituted, has a committee which includes Calvin MacFarlane ( in the photo with John West and John Hamilton ) and the village will soon see its 50th planter due to these inspirational people and the many volunteers of all ages who have become involved in this Winchburgh Community Growing Group. WDL has given a further contribution to some new equipment for building planters and the seated planters as seen in Tippet Knowes Park and also to help them support the schools further. We at WDL are very much looking forward to working with this group to bring the Auldcathie Park to life with the amazing community growing. Well done everyone involved.