Winchburgh Train Station Impact Report and City of Edinburgh Broxburn – Maybury road improvements consultation.

It has long been on record that Winchburgh Developments has always supported a train station for Winchburgh. The station has been a key feature of the masterplan since planning permission in principle was awarded in 2012. However, it is not in our power to build one though. This has to be done by Network Rail with support from Scotrail, Transport Scotland and other stakeholders.

To help move this forward we commissioned specialist consultants to produce a report on the direct impact on Winchburgh and the wider regional benefits to Edinburgh and the Lothians. This is an important part of our response to the consultation on road transport plans for the west of Edinburgh – Broxburn to Maybury –  which closes on the 5th September

Please read the full impact report. We have also summarised the main points here.

Our main concerns about the proposals in the Council ‘consultation are summarized below:

As well as the benefits above, Winchburgh rail station:

We believe that a train station for Winchburgh is a much better use of public funds and would actually cost less than what’s being proposed. 

Please also read our full consultation response here.

You can have your say by filling out the feedback form on the City of Edinburgh Council’s website.